Defining Class

Since 1886.

Defining Class

Since 1886.

Mercedes-Benz has been defining class since 1886.

For Mercedes-Benz, class is more than a vehicle. Since 1886, we have been constantly redefining it, going beyond comfort, safety and technology. Discover the most iconic Mercedes-Benz vehicles that have shaped our brand.


Concept CLA Class.

Mercedes-Benz has regularly redefined vehicle standards since the automobile was invented. Numerous brand and design icons as well as forward-looking technological innovations have been characteristic of our pioneering spirit and the development of the automobile. A particular highlight is the Concept CLA Class, which demonstrates our vision for the Mercedes-Benz entry-level segment of the future. A vision of innovation, design, digital experience, efficiency and electromobility that is pioneering in this class.

Icon of sportiness

The 300 SL Coupé.

In 1954, the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL set a new benchmark for automotive manufacturing. The super-lightweight tubular grille frame, winged doors and innovative technology made it an icon worldwide. In its latest generation, the Mercedes-AMG SL Roadster continues this tradition in the sportiest fashion yet.

Icon of Expression

The S-Class.

Via the 126 series S-Class, introduced in 1979, the airbag, which is now a central element of automotive safety, entered automotive manufacturing in 1981. Other features of this S-Class generation are the aerodynamically optimised shape and the consistent weight reduction. The 126 model series also set highlights when it came to design: it was the first Mercedes-Benz passenger car to omit the traditional chrome bumpers. To this day, the "special class" is an icon of safety and impresses with innovative safety technologies in the 223-series variant.

Icon of agility

The G-Class.

This icon - produced by hand in Graz - has no need for an introduction. Since 1979, the G-Class has impressed with its unmistakable and timeless design, legendary off-road handling and iconic status. The G-Class is still a genuine cross-country vehicle featuring iconic design and outstanding comfort for almost any terrain today.

Icon of electric mobility

The EQS.

The EQS continues the legacy of Mercedes-Benz: as the first fully electric luxury saloon from Mercedes-Benz, the EQS Saloon impresses with sensual clarity in its puristic-elegant one-bow design and coupé-like silhouette. The EQS saloon also remains consistently visionary in terms of interior design. The goal here is a completely new way of digitising the luxurious interior with the MBUX hyperscreen as the defining element.