Transmissions – Power belongs on the road

Uninterrupted power transmission

AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission

The transmission system is located in a transaxle position at the rear axle and features a rigid link to the engine via a torque tube. Four drive modes and a Race Start function deliver the perfect response to changing road conditions and sporting ambitions.

Key details at a glance:

  • Aligned with engine performance: A double-clutch transmission delivers optimum transmission ratio adjustment through a closer spacing of individual gears even at high engine speeds
  • Optimum road-holding: An integrated mechanical differential lock delivers outstanding traction
  • Lightweight: The sports transmission weighs a mere 136 kg
  • When gear changes become a pleasure: Real metal shift paddles are used to move up and down the seven gears in the "M" transmission mode. A short pull on the left (–) or right (+) shift paddle is enough to select the required gear.
  • The choice is yours: Drivers can select from four transmission modes (ranging from "comfort" to "extremely sporty") as well as a Race Start function.
  • Shift up at full load: Experience dynamic acceleration for maximum driving enjoyment.