Drive concept. Motorsport technology for the road

Using power when required

A sports car is defined by dynamic handling. That’s why every detail is crucial. The design engineers behind the SLS AMG Roadster have deployed the most innovative technology to create a vehicle that epitomises dynamic performance.

The front-mounted mid-engine is in a low position behind the front axle. The double-clutch transmission is located at the rear axle (transaxle principle). The drive shaft is located between them. Made of high-rigidity, extremely light carbon, it rotates in the torque tube. This is the technical secret for optimum weight distribution 46% at the front and 54% at the rear.

More details:

  • A powerful unit: Featuring torque rigidity and bending resistance, the torque tube, V8 engine and transmission system are interconnected.
  • Packs a punch: Measuring 1.71 m in length and weighing a mere 4 kg, the driveshaft rotates at engine speed and transfers up to 650 Nm of engine torque from the engine to the transmission system.
  • Reduced noise and unbeatable driving comfort: A specially developed torsional damper in the torque tube eliminates oscillations and vibration.